1 Place filter in Chemex and rinse with hot water. Dump the hot water.

2 24 grams (3 heaping tablespoons) of medium-fine fresh ground coffee in the Chemex filter.

3 330 grams (12 fluid ounces) of 205 degree filtered water in a goose neck kettle.

4 Evenly pour 50 grams of water on the grinds in the Chemex filter and let the grinds expand over 30 seconds.

5 Evenly pour the remaining water on the grinds over the course of the next 2 minutes.

1 Grind coarsely.

2 36 grams of coffee (6 tablespoons) grinds to 500 grams of water (16 fluid ounces).

3 Steep for 4 1/2 mintues

4 Pour all coffee into a separate container to prevent further extraction.

1 75 grams of ground coffee.

2 10 cups of water in the reservoir.

3 Close the drip so that water stays in filter and grinds for 60 seconds.

4 Release drip to allow the coffee pot to fill.

5 Agitate grinds with a spoon before the brew is finished (if you have access to the grinds during the brew).

1 Invert Aeropress  so the #1 is at the top.

2 Insert plunger under the #4 and place on flat surface.

3 Grind 16 grams of coffee, coarse to medium, place in Aeropress.

4 Add 170 grams of hot water.

5 Stir.

6 Stir again after 2 minutes.

7 Screw on filter and filter cap.

8 Plunge with slow and steady pressure for 12-25 seconds.